Saturday, November 12, 2022

3 Classes for Mothership

Below are 3 custom Mothership classes I've had marinating in my brain for a good while, finally written out in a form I'm satisfied with. Two fulfill what are, in my opinion, much-needed niches in Mothership (criminals and a white-collar version of the Teamster). The third is simply an idea I think is fun.

The loadouts were written collaboratively with the folks of the Mothership Discord server. The classes are written for 1e, but can be converted for 0e with relatively little elbow grease.


Pirates, smugglers, convicts and other assorted dregs of the galaxy. Brutal, pragmatic and usually self-serving.
STATS: Combat +5, Speed +10, Wounds +1
SAVES: Sanity -5, Fear +10
STRESS: You roll Panic Checks with disadvantage.
SKILLS: Rimwise, Zero-G. Bonus: 1 Expert Skill or 2 Trained Skills.

  1. Prisoner's uniform, jailbroken shock collar, shiv, pornographic poster
  2. Prisoner's uniform, pain pills x10, meat cleaver, chef hat
  3. Custom vaccsuit (AP 3), cable-cutter knife (as vibechete), locator, revolver (clips x1)
  4. Business suit (AP 1), nail gun (clips x1), pack of zip ties x10, stimpaks x2
  5. Patch-covered jean jacket (AP 1), switchblade (as scalpel), torch lighter, crumpled pack of cigarettes 
  6. Duster with steel plate inserts (AP 3, [-] Speed checks), sawed off shotgun (as combat shotgun, clips x2), bandana, sunglasses
  7. Surplus fatigues (AP 2), SMG, keys to an all-terrain truck, mirrored aviators, briefcase full of cocaine
  8. Brightly colored street wear (AP 1), tickets to a local night club, nunchucks (as crowbar but critical failures are alway humiliating), cybernetic arm
  9. Vaccsuit (AP 3), compressed gas knife (3d10, [+] on wound rolls), slap charges x2, personal reentry aeroshell, MMU, military grade encrypted radio
  10. Underwear, crippling hangover, obnoxious tie, aerosol amphetamines x5


The ubiquitous worker drones of the great corporations, always in danger of being replaced by more efficient automatic solutions. Underpaid, overworked and interchangeable.
STATS: Combat -10, Speed+5, Intellect +10
SAVES: Sanity +10, Fear -5
STRESS: Once per session when you recover Stress, recover double the amount.
SKILLS: Computers, Corpwise (Trained). Bonus: 2 Trained Skills AND 1 Expert Skill.

  1. Office attire, ring binder (accounts), cup of synthetic coffee, cigarettes x10
  2. Office attire, stress ball, microtape player (pro-corp mantras), ballpoint pen
  3. Business suit (AP 1), stimpak, SMG (clips x2)
  4. Office attire, pain pills x10, letterknife (as scalpel), manager's keycard (stolen)
  5. Office attire, self-heating cup noodles (as MRE x1), handheld computer (as in Hacker's Handbook), extension cord (50m)
  6. Security uniform (AP 1), body cam, stun baton, short-range comms
  7. Hawaiian shirt, hip flask (empty), wrist computer (as in Hacker's Handbook), cable ties
  8. Office attire, high-viz vest ("evacuation coordinator"), clipboard with a list of colleagues' names, fire extinguisher, first aid kit
  9. Humiliating service industry uniform (AP 2), (1d5: kitchen knife/frying pan/tire iron/handheld sign/broomstick), stimpaks x2
  10. Band t-shirt, password cracker, fake corporate ID, chewing gum


Some colonies were forgotten about. The Atavism is a newcomer in the society of the sky-people, their barbaric ways derided and their intelligence questioned.
STATS: +10 Strength, +5 Combat, +1 Wound
SAVES: -10 Sanity, +10 Fear, +10 Body
STRESS: Whenever someone fails a check for operating space age technology, gain 1 Stress.
SKILLS: Athletics, Art, Botany. Bonus: 2 Trained or 1 Expert Skill.

  1. Standard Crew Attire (AP 1), combat shotgun (clips x1), flint knife (as scalpel), stone Venus idol ([+] to relieve Stress in port)
  2. Vaccsuit adorned with holy protective symbols (AP 3), revolver (clips x2), MREs x7, radiation pills x10
  3. Antique battle dress (AP 6), camping gear (as MoHab Unit), hunting dog, bear trap, rifle (2d10, 3 shots, clips x3)
  4. Wool tunic (AP 2), two-handed hammer (2d10, [+] on crit), drinking horn
  5. Standard Crew Attire (AP 1), short blade (as vibechete), electronic tool set, face paint, pouch of psychoactive herbs, wrist computer running a centuries-old fork of Wikipedia
  6. Traveling clothes (AP 2), dictionary, camera with very bright flash, pocket pistol (1D10 3 shots, clips x3)
  7. Woolen tunic (AP 1), bow (1d10, does not break armor, arrows x10), smart lemur, collapsible glider
  8. Brigandine (AP 2), musket (2d10, [-] to combat, 1 round reload), horn of powder and shot (x12 reloads), jump liner ticket
  9. Peasant clothes, hand cart, ploughing drone, 1d5 family members
  10. Peasant clothes, ancient rifle (1d10 [-], clips x2), short-range comms, skinny goat

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