Thursday, February 4, 2021

KILL SCREEN - Coming Soon!

 I'm proud to announce that my first 3rd-party module for Mothership, KILL SCREEN, will hit stores on Valentine's Day!

An odd, large cargo box was delivered with the latest supply run to the station, along with the usual crates of rations, spare parts and magazines. Inside is a bulky, black arcade machine, completely unmarked except for a single word in deep red, blocky lettering on the marquee:


KILL SCREEN is a pamphlet adventure of electronic horror, compatible with the Mothership RPG. Escape the clutches of a sinister arcade machine, fighting or fleeing your way through strange hallucinations, digital nausea and the mind-broken crew of the space station.

The first print run is planned to be released about a month after the digital release, and will be available for purchase at the official Mothership store.


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