Monday, July 19, 2021

1d20 Actual Dreams I Had

So I got inspired by DandyMan's slushpile posts, and decided to crack open my dream journal and share some choice entries from therein. Perhaps you will be inspired by some of them, as a sort of slushpile originating directly from my id, or at least be entertained by some of the positively eldritch, melancholic or cartoonish things I dream up.

I edited each entry to be easier to read - these are originally less coherent journal entries, and more collections of keywords, mnemonics and evocative sentences I wrote down half-asleep, immediately after waking. Some of the dreams on the list will also only be fragments of entries - the interesting fragments.

So, without further ado.

  1. Eldritch robots disguised as humans; their fish-like masters from Neptune/Europa? demand "high tensure water". A religious cult ran by the robots as a front, where they extract the water from specific humans behind the scenes. Car accident, glass globes filled with glowing liquid.

  2. The cursed city and the lost city, next to each other. Renaissance alleyways, the secret port. Stalking around the edges. Triple drop hatch. Natalya the flesh-eating assassin - calm and composed until her facade cracks. Ravenous. Gondola voyage, all packed up. The main canal and the king.
  3. Oleth, he who is in one space. He who yawns. Fourfold mouth of void.
  4. Handcrank boats with goblins, towering tanks, rhinoceros beetle-like coaches/carts. A murder in the coach, a giant ice cream in the sky above a ruined city. Chinese Palace: all marble and marvel, digital mosaic dragons and staircases.
  5. The world is dying but the Great Cow offers a new opportunity. Take the pill(?)/push the button(?) and pray to him(?) on the way and imagine being a cow/bull and you'll end up in his(?) world.
    The new world is full of mud and decay. Dog cops - fighting segment, giant dogs pulling themselves.
  6. Space wizard leaving cosmic dust on a concave glass surface
  7. Ancient human evolution took many forms. Ape-man roots into the ground, becoming a tree with white and red. More ape heads sprout as roots.
  8. "The soul is the fire of a man, but words are the fire of the gods"
  9. Popstar surrounded by white porcelain cartoon squires with pitchers. "I will anoint you dearies now" *holds up two pitchers with oil*
  10. Coming to station for a new tank. Cylindrical, five levels (beware the rising levels of mayonnaise though)
    Level 0: trash compactors, big monsters hang out here.
    Level 1: factories, not much here except for factory slaves working to the beat of karaoke. The "Eight Day War" puzzle can be solved here.
    Level 2: restaurants and arcades, buzzing life here. Colonel Sanders and other beings also roam this level, salt shakers can be taken from him.
    Level 3: lots of celebrities, presumably luxury living places. Demons, devils and ballsacks (?). Not well explored.
    Level 4: Docks. Cars and spaceships can park here. Features an elevator to the other levels that only works when you're naked.
  11. Ethereal (stinking) wisp beings infiltrating the world, forming secret societies, dressed in concealing black and gold knightly armor with a houndskull bascinet helmet (very pointed) and white feathers on top. They ride horses (usually white). They have a tiny ethereal thread (à la Astral Projection) connecting them to SOMEWHERE, but no one knows where, and it's barely visible anyway. They're evil or at least sinister.
  12. Women who were born or lose their virginity on April 41 develop psychic powers.
  13. A nuclear girl arrives to our seaside port house to watch for threats. She spends all time outside, watching strange spots of light in the sky. UFOs? Nukes? These are apparently the small nukes, the really big ones are arcing through galaxies toward their targets.
    She needs a lot of chargers, and all of her clothes have batteries in them. Maybe computers too. When she glares at me I feel a glare coming from a far-off city on the horizon, on the other side of the sea.
    There's two other lighted cities on the horizon, near each other. Between them in the sky is a shining five-pointed star in the sky in a nigh-sky-dark pentagon, and the whole thing casts gentle light around the edges.
  14. What the monks of void need to meditate: a single simple dark grey carpet, an open space, a single black candle?, a knife?
    Everywhere is their monastery, and nowhere
  15. Two ecosystems:
    One on Venus. Very big, elaborately structured mineral (iron? my half asleep brain criticized that notion) deposits created by chemosynthetic bacteria. Structured like a 3D Apollonian gasket, shaped like a hollow dome on four legs the size of a mountain. Fragile (how does it survive Venusian weather?) and supports a lot of niches. Tons of them.
    One on an ocean world. Very large, fronded "plants" rising out of the water and laying/leaning over the surface. One long and flexible stem, with two huge armlike fronds.
  16. Military recruitment, with tanks and helicopters and shit. All soldiers there are pigs turned into humans, who came out of holes in the ground.
  17. In the halls of higher beings (ascended immortal spirits? Type 3 aliens?)
    There is a sense of massive, overwhelming scale. Swirling, towering and piling clouds of a pinkish, reddish, luminescent color. In the expanse between them: golden rails or rods or railings stretch for great lengths.
    Flocks of huge bubbles or spheres, colored light blue or yellow or green or white or purple, burst out of the clouds sometimes and zip across the expanse, chuckling or giggling enthusiastically. As they pass, I feel their attention momentarily fixed on me. They are mirthful - at my expense? In my support? About something else? I don't know. Inside the clouds, where they come from and where they go to, are joys my underdeveloped mind cannot even comprehend or grasp. The sky is pure white or pink.
  18. In another world, villages raise dinosaurs. Our village couldn't, so the idea was to get water from a neighboring village that had big dinosaurs, to have our dinosaurs grow big too. When I went to gather water, I became stalked/pursued by a huge T. rex(? Carnotaurus?). Its plumage was blood red and it had owl-like feather ears, making it look like the Devil.
    One night our baby dinosaur (a Psittacosaurus?) runs out of water, and I have to go out at night, cross the roads stalked by the T. rex, and get more big dinosaur water. Crawling through the night roads in terror, around hills and village houses.
    On the way I meet a Hunter? fighting an enemy. Turns out I have dormant Hunter abilities and I summon the City of Light out of the ground to the tune of Black Hole Sun. The enemy stumbles down a ladder in terror and dies.
    A third person arrives in cloaks, we tally our situation.
  19. Martian girl with big sis energy, walking in the garden, me flying easily propelled with arm strokes
    "Tame my ridges, for you have ruined a spider… and yet, I bet that desolate red wasteland feels more comfortable than this wonderful green paradise"
    She shrugs, smiles, and says something to the effect of "everything is relative"
  20. Fifth Element/Robocop esque police ad
    Cop with an eclectic airbike helmet and a big mustache talking to the camera
    "We need your help! We're reforming the City Police!" (logo) "Keeping New York safe!" (map of mainland US with the whole megapolis and the entirety of Texas in grey)


  1. Bizarre landscapes and otherworldly scenarios for my exploration-oriented table to stumble into. Love these!


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