Monday, January 4, 2021

1d100 Patches for Mothership

  1. "BOSS"
  2. Elder Sign
  3. "Smooth Criminal"
  4. Tragedy mask with headshot wound
  5. CONELRAD logo
  6. Android Power fist
  7. "If you can read this, back the hell off"
  8. Idol group logo: "Pink is Blood"
  9. "Front Toward Enemy"
  10. Free Republic of Mars flag
  11. Yellow Sign
  12. Chibi bunny mascot holding a pulse rifle
  13. Ouroboros
  14. "Certified Medium"
  15. Star of David
  16. "Hello, My Name Is:"
  17. Signs of the zodiac, arranged in a color spectrum
  19. Eye of Providence
  20. "魔王"
  21. Vantablack square
  22. Neo-Buddhist Chrome Lotus symbol
  23. 8-ball
  24. "Jupiter Forever"
  25. Our Lady of the Astronauts
  26. T. rex skull, "AsteroidCon 66,000,000 BC"
  27. Buraku Liberation League logo
  28. Apollo 11 mission patch (slightly inaccurate historical reconstruction)
  29. "Emergency Organ Donor"
  30. Druze star
  31. Rainbow flag
  33. Eight-pointed Chaos Star
  34. Copyleft symbol
  35. "Genius"
  36. Pinup: Medusa, "My eyes are up here, bud"
  37. "Lamb of God"
  38. QR code reading "WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO KNOW"
  39. Leviathan Cross
  40. Glider (Conway's Game of Life)
  41. "All Outta Delta-V"
  42. Recycling symbol
  43. Anarcho-capitalist flag
  44. Cracked starfighter pilot helmet
  45. "Never Forget Betelgeuse"
  46. Archery target, over the heart
  47. "Don't Talk To Me Until I've Had My Cocaine"
  48. Goetic sigil (Decarabia)
  49. "Women Fear Me, Fish Fear Me, Men Turn Their Eyes Away From Me As I Walk, No Beast Dare Make A Sound In My Presence, I Am Alone On This Barren Earth", cartoon salmon
  50. Martian new dollar sign
  51. "Best Before: [date of birth]"
  52. Mushroom cloud
  53. "Safety First: Do Not Fist Android Girls"
  54. Five-leaf clover
  55. "Vat-Grown and Proud"
  56. Aztec glyph: Tenochtitlán
  57. Orion constellation
  58. "Future Veteran"
  59. Wizard hat
  60. "I ♥ NNY"
  61. Mr. Yuk
  62. "Overgrown Boy Scout"
  63. Logo of a private military company
  64. The Shahada, written in Square Kufic
  65. "CH3CH2OH"
  66. Tardigrade, "SURVIVOR"
  67. Brain and eyeballs
  68. "Carbon Chauvinist"
  69. Infinity symbol, actually a cheaper letter 8 patch turned onto its side
  70. Rocket equation
  71. "I'm Secretly an Android"
  72. Sloan Great Wall (religious imagery)
  73. "I Love My Boss", cartoon vampire
  74. Pinup: Brünnhilde (Wagner), fat
  75. Frothing mug of beer
  76. "I WANT TO BELIEVE", man in alien rubbersuit
  77. Anime girl, green hair
  78. "Mommy's Special Boy"
  79. Antimatter hazard symbol
  80. Tally marks, 23
  81. Space Marines patch, 113th Drop Troops
  82. "DTF"
  83. "Bloody Pleb"
  84. Transgender symbol
  85. Tokugawa Clan crest
  86. "Speed Limit: c"
  87. "VEnGeANce"
  88. Structural formula of testosterone
  89. "No Grave But the Void"
  90. Mask of Tutankhamun
  91. Slot machine, all cherries
  92. "Certified IQ Free"
  93. Archer's salute
  94. Laika the Dog, "Good Night"
  95. Centauri Democratic Socialist League logo
  96. Adinkra symbol: Gye Nyame
  97. One star out of five
  98. "There's One Race, the Space Race"
  99. Snake biting boot, "I FUCKING TOLD YOU"
  100. Fast food chain logo: smiling chicken head in a pan

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