Tuesday, January 12, 2021

1d100 Trinkets for Mothership

  1. Bottle of ferrofluid
  2. Interestingly shaped moon pebble
  3. Tuttuki Bako electronic toy
  4. Book: "The Eternal Fight: The Life of Adi Motombo"
  5. Flayed facial synthskin of your own android doppelganger
  6. Scotch glass from an orbital bar
  7. Pamphlet: "The Ninth Eye"
  8. Challenge coin, Space Marines 47th Ice Moon Specialist Regiment
  9. Regulation vac-ball
  10. Venus of Willendorf replica, plastic
  11. Postcard from an ocean planet ("The Oceans are Endless on Meridian")
  12. Full set of dog teeth, titanium-plated
  13. Pamphlet: "Jumpspace Addiction: There is a Way Out"
  14. Fleshlight
  15. Real chicken egg, boiled
  16. Book: "Necroplanetology"
  17. Electronic rosary
  18. Animalistic zero-g drone companion
  19. Expended cartridge for a handheld railgun
  20. Book: The Anarchist Cookbook, 145th edition
  21. Packet of delicacy synth-meat (blue whale)
  22. Corporate work safety mascot keychain (Safey the Spacer)
  23. Piece of the first asteroid you set foot on
  24. Wilted xenoflora in resin, scratched message ("You'll always be welcome home")
  25. Wiccan Book of Shadows
  26. Single magboot, blood-stained
  27. Pamphlet: "The Decent Samaritan"
  28. Vial of adrenochrome
  29. Metallic rose made from bent hull pieces
  30. Book: "Don't Quit Your Day Job: A Guide to AI-Enhanced Cryptocurrency Trading"
  31. Necklace with religious symbol (Alpha and Omega on a 12-pointed star)
  32. Comic book, extremely inaccurate 21st century setting
  33. Literal tinfoil hat
  34. Band T-shirt, corporate android pop idols
  35. Mood ring
  36. Foot-long piece of torn space elevator cable
  37. Pamphlet: "Know Your Death World"
  38. Epipen
  39. Taxidermied alien creature, aquatic, from a subsurface ocean
  40. Expensive makeup kit
  41. Book: "The Iron Ring - A History"
  42. Prayer rug
  43. Hookah pipe
  44. Full set of gaming dice
  45. Pamphlet: election promises
  46. Tattoo gun
  47. EVA knife, blade melted to slag
  48. Pamphlet: "High Adventure, Higher Pay! Join the Space Marines Today!"
  49. Flash drive containing virtual drugs
  50. Water purification kit
  51. Six-pack of energy drinks ("Hyperjump")
  52. Book: "STARFUCK" (underground art zine)
  53. Cheap VR suit with built-in porn slickworld, glitchy and low-res
  54. Acoustic guitar, real wood
  55. Bottle of vintage Heart of Darius yeast whisky
  56. Fireproof blanket
  57. Bible, Reconstructionist Arcturian denomination
  58. Pet bacterial culture in Petri dish
  59. Cassette: "Mindful Meditation in Cryosleep"
  60. Fold-out topographic map of jungle moon, pencil markings
  61. Book: "Classical Period Maya Poetry"
  62. Bottled gas giant atmosphere
  63. Lucky heat shield ceramic tile, charred black
  64. Kangha comb, Kara bracelet and Kirpan dagger
  65. Pamphlet: "The Singularity is Coming! Are You Ready?"
  66. Combat drug injector unit, torn out of its host and broken
  67. Hachimaki, "一番"
  68. Book: "Practical Demon-Summoning"
  69. Ball gag
  70. Citizenship card for a horrible totalitarian planetary dictatorship
  71. Magazine: "Popular Xenobiology"
  72. Contact lenses with access to corporate social media
  73. Hell money
  74. Pamphlet: "Blacklegs Beware"
  75. Emergency blood transfusion kit
  76. Black credit card for a collapsed interstellar bank
  77. Killer alien creature bobblehead
  78. Pamphlet: "Billionaire in a Day: The Corven Method"
  79. Body pillow, corporate android pop idol
  80. IOKEE technician permit
  81. Book: "Crabitalism"
  82. Journal scrawled full of binary code
  83. Can of supersoldier nutri-paste
  84. Pamphlet: original Old Earth Chick Tract
  85. 12 years old hamburger, none the worse for wear
  86. Metallic canopic jars, for Neo-Kemetic burial
  88. Snowglobe with a tiny gravitic field generator, gravity can be switched on and off inside
  89. Pamphlet: "Uplift Rights?"
  90. Set of trading cards, corporate propaganda mascots
  91. Vantablack handkerchief
  92. Unopened time capsule, unlocks in 150 years
  93. Biodegradable packet of triffid seeds
  94. Graffiti stencil set, vacuum-grade spray cans
  95. Book: "The Cyberiad" by Stanislaw Lem
  96. Clunky old electric flashlight, practically indestructible
  97. Empty glass vial with a label claiming it contains a single dark matter particle
  98. Acceptance letter, Gruithuisen Gamma Research University
  100. Cyanide capsule

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